Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – 2015

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Posted on: 9th February 2016

By: Kayleigh Stanton

UK Paintball Sports Federation, Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Penkridge Wednesday 18 March 2015

1) Acting Chair’s Report
The Acting Chair (Bob Schofield) explained the background to the creation of an acting committee in April 2014 to manage the affairs of the UKPSF following the decision of the previous chair, Steve Bull, to stand down after almost two decades at the helm of the Federation.
The acting committee met four times in the period before the AGM and in the time developed a new constitution for the Federation; a revised and updates Code of Practice for Site Operators; created a new Code of Conduct for Players; initiated a series of membership drives; commissioned a new online membership system to streamline and reduce the workload involved; and opened discussions with Sport England regarding gaining formal recognition as a sport. In addition a number of other matters were handled including making representations to Google on their new Adwords policy and exploring the introduction of uprated insurance for player members.
The Chair reported that the initial committee structure, which had seen around 20 people involved, had proved too cumbersome and that a slimmed down committee structure was to be proposed for the approval of the membership at the AGM.

2) Motions
No motions having been received from the membership, the AGM was asked
• To endorse the actions of the Acting Council
• To approve the Constitution of the UKPSF
• To approve the Code of Practice for Site Operators
• To approve the Code of Conduct for Players
• To approve the revised structure for the Council of the UKPSF
• To approve the annual accounts for the financial year 2013/14 (Appended)
The above motions were carried unanimously.

3) Election of Officers
No nominations having been received from the membership, the AGM was asked to vote on the election of the following individuals to the indicated posts.
• Chair – Bob Schofield
• Treasurer – Jock McCracken
• Secretary – Kayleigh Stanton
• Players – James Gregory, Craig Pattison
• Sites – Don Logan, Ainsley Baddely
• Trade – Anthony Leadbetter, Fraser Colley/Tim Taylor
The above individuals were unanimously elected to the respective posts.

4) Honorary Officers
• To elect Steve Bull as Honorary President of the UKPSF
Steve Bull was unanimously elected as Honorary President of the UKPSF.
5) Any Other Business
There being no other business, the AGM closed.

Signed as a true record

Robert D Schofield Jock McCracken
Chair Treasurer

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