UKPSF Update 2018.

At the 2017 AGM, UKPSF Chairman (Bob Schofield) and Treasurer (Jock McCracken) gave notice to stand down. Since then the UKPSF has been ticking over in the background, but with little progression. 


Moving forward a small group of the UKPSF committee have held discussions to pin down what is needed, what is wanted, what is important, and who is going to do the work.
It is evident that the UKPSF is still very much needed, and wanted in order to safeguard Paintball in the UK. To that end, Don, Ainsley, Ledz and Kayleigh have taken up the key UKPSF roles between them, to streamline the running of the UKPSF and concentrate on the core elements that the UKPSF requires to build from.


We intend for you to see more communication from us moving forward. We are not promising to change the world, but we will endeavour to give Paintball the strong safety net it needs to stay within the law, and to work alongside the authorities when needed. 


Current projects are still on our agenda, and we will be working to finish them as soon as possible.


We appreciate all of the fantastic support we have received over the past few years, and look forward to your continued support for the coming years. 

If you have any queries please feel free to post them here, or contact any of us directly at the below email addresses.




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