DATE: Thursday 25th July

Time: 1.00pm Start (please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to this time)

LOCATION: The Conference Room at NPF Bassets Pole, Nr Sutton Coldfield, B75 5SA.

The annual AGM has traditionally been held at the start of the year and has included a trade show with 99% of attendees being Paintball venue owners. This year our aim was to make the AGM more accessible to members and prospective members of the paintball community so the 2019 UKPSF AGM date and location has been planned with this in mind because:

1. The venue is on the outskirts of Birmingham, so we hope its location will make it easier for more members to attend.

2. The annual PAINTFEST Paintball Festival at NPF begins the following day, many players, trade, and site members will already be attending PAINTFEST so hopefully they will be able to extend their stay so they can attend the AGM.


• 1.00pm – Meeting Start

• 2.30pm – Break interval

• 3.00pm – *General Q&A (New / Non-members welcome)

• 4.00pm – Meeting Finish

Please note if matters are dealt with in a timely manner the above time line may be subject to change.

*We will be offering up to an hour Q&A session between 3.00pm-4.00pm so members and for the first time ‘Non-members” can ask questions relating to the UKPSF and or Paintball.

WHY ATTEND? It’s a great way for you to tell us what you want or expect from the UKPSF. Paintball players, venues and trade are all key elements of the industry, to enable the UKPSF to support and help grow the sport we need feedback and interaction from all sectors of the sport.

This year’s AGM is FREE to attend, NPF have kindly donated the use of their new conference facility to the UKPSF so it’s not going to cost you anything other than your time.

If you would like to attend the AGM then please Email with the following details

Your Site or Trade Name: ·

Membership number: ·

Names of those attending: (Max 2 guests per membership) ·

^Any question or point you wish to raise during the AGM: ^If you plan to ask a question please email your question to us in advance of the event, this will enable the UKPSF to pull together any information needed to enable us to provide you with an answer. 

The Minutes for the AGM are now available HERE

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