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Why become a UKPSF member?

Simply by becoming a UKPSF member you are supporting the sport of paintball.

The UKSPF relies on support from site and player members, and ensures that a certain standard of practice is set within the industry. If a situation were to arise which could jeopardize our sport the UKPSF exists to defend the sport, and liaise with government officials.

Sport Recognition

The UKPSF is pushing for Paintball to gain "Sport recognition" - this would mean that paintball is classified as a sport within the UK, and consequently could be considered to compete in events such as the Olympics, as well as being considered for certain tax breaks on "sporting equipment" meaing it could become a slightly cheaper sport to partake in.

To apply for sport recognition the "UK Sport Council" has specified that along with a various douments the UKPSF is required to prove that we have 1,800 active UKPSF members.

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Player Membership

The annual player membership includes access to the UKPSF members area, a recently re-launched Bi-annual Newsletter which includes information on the UKPSF affiliated events calendar, special discounts available to UKPSF members, and any other relevant news.

  • £5 Membership
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Venue/Site Membership

Venue/Site memberships are Annual memberships, to obtain a UKPSF membership, paintball venues must submit their Public Liability insurance certificate, and details of facilities i.e. Toilet facilities, parking, catering, other activities.

The UKPSF also enquire as to whether member venues have the following measures in place, and advise venue owners about the following;

  • First Aid management
  • Staff training and records
  • Venue practices i.e.; Chronographing Paintball markers
  • Data Protection.
  • Site Risk assessments
  • Safe Co2 and HPA management
  • Trade Membership
  • We have an active number of trade members within the UKPSF, who we liaise with to ensure that “best practices” are maintained within the UK Paintball industry.
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As of yet there is no official paid Trade membership, although we regard trade members that attend and therefore support our Annual Conferences with a trade stand as members of our federation.

UKPSF Trade members often put UKPSF player membership schemes and discounts into place, to help support the UK Paintball sport Federation.