Site Membership

To apply for a Venue/Site membership you will use the UKPSF "Code of Practice" in the running of your venue.

Member sites must supply their in date Public liability insurance certificate.

Venues will also be asked to complete a questionnaire, where they will have
to demonstrate that they have the basics such as:

  • Sufficient First aid cover.
  • Adequate staffing levels.
  • Basic safety practices in place, such as chronographing their paintball markers.
  • Basic facilities such as toilets.
  • Etc
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1. Basic Member

The Basic UKPSF Site membership is £200 per year.

If you have more than 1 venue then its £200 for the 1st venue then £50 for every additional venue

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2. Accredited Members

Accredited membership is £250 for the year, you will be required to complete and return the self accreditation paperwork within 1 month of signing up or upgrading your basic membership.

If you have more than one venue then its £250 for the 1st venue then £50 for each additional venue.

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Code of Practice for Site Operators

Paintball is a high energy, high adrenalin sport and the UKPSF's main focus is on promoting the enjoyment of the sport in a safe environment.

Accordingly, UKPSF member venues subscribe to a Code of Practice for Site Operators, which was developed by the UKPSF and which is regarded by those venues, insurers, and local and national government bodies alike as the industry standard for paintball venues.

Many of the top leisure insurance companies require paintball venues to adhere to the "UKPSF code of practice"

Please ensure you maintain your membership to be updates with the current and up to date copy of the "code of practice"

Site will recieve

News and health and saftey updates:

We strive to keep sites up to date on the laws surrounding paintball, we publish a blog which is accesable via our "members area" and all site members are invited to join our "Facebook group" for all site and trade owners.

Documents, forms and resources:

The UKPSF hold a whole host of useful documentation and resources to help run a paintball venue, for example:

  • Disclaimers which have been translated into many different languages.
  • Staff training guidelines.
  • Child protection policies.
  • Information on air compressor saftey.
  • Guidelines from the forestry commision regarding safe weather parameters in woodland.


UKPSF site members are also invited to tap into the knowlage resource of the UKPSF committe with any queries, many of the commitee have many years of experience within the industry and therefore have a broad understanding of all aspects of running a paintball buisness.

Need advice? the UKPSF is open office hours to call, or you can fill in the contact form to be put straight through to a specialist in that area.

The Code of Practice

The "Code of Practice" is issued to all approved UKPSF Site Members and is used as a basis to operate a safe site. There is information about setting up safe areas, playing areas, catering, equipment and marshalling.The Code of Practice document can be purchased by site operators from outside of the UK for £200 +VAT.

The UKPSF Risk Assessment

The UKPSF produce a "Risk Assessment" package for paintball sites. The pack is £50 for members and £100 for non-members.

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UKPSF Marshall Training

The UKPSF understands that each venue is unique so the way a venue is marshalled will be bespoke however the UKPSF does see the value in establishing a base line for paintball marshals as there are key elements of this role that cross all paintball formats and types of venue.

All UKPSF Site members will have there own training programmes and will hold training records for its staff but if any site member has a robust marshal training course they would like to share with other members please get in touch.