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Player Membership

Two Yearly Membership Options:
£5 – Basic Membership

(excludes all insurance cover)

Player membership includes:

  • Printable UKPSF membership card, with scan-able QR code so paintball venues can check your membership.
  • UKPSF member discounts (available at participating venues and shops)
  • Access to full UKPSF website, including news updates, blog and events calendar.
  • UKPSF newsletter, news and updates within the UK Paintball industry.
  • A copy of the "player code of practice" with guidelines of best practices and the expected behaviour of a UKPSF player member. To ensure paintball players within the sport maintain a positive image at paintball venues and events.
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Code of Practice for Site Operators

Paintball is a high energy, high adrenalin sport and the UKPSF’s main focus is on promoting the enjoyment of the sport in a safe environment.

Accordingly, UKPSF member venues subscribe to a Code of Practice for Site Operators, which was developed by the UKPSF and which is regarded by those venues, insurers, and local and national government bodies alike as the industry standard for paintball venues.