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Wargame Company Tavistock

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Wargame Company Tavistock

Venue Type:
Woodland Paintball and Outdoor Laser Combat

Venue Address:
Moorwelldown Plantation
PL19 8JH

Venue Description:

We must be doing something right as up to 75% of our business is repeat business and the bulk of our new business is from personal recommendations. Started in 1989 we now have 26+ years of experience in running a cracking day out for you here. We have 100+ 5* reviews and 2,090+ likes on our Facebook page. Come on down and find out for yourself.

paintball as it should be played

For a great adrenalin rush you cannot beat playing paintball WGC Tavistock style...intense action and amazing scenarios.

Some games are one hit and you are out, whilst other games are multiple re-spawns. We also mix the teams up so you get chance to shoot all your friends. Some games the teams are equal sides, others one third defending...two thirds attacking.....whilst on the Zombie game... ;-)..well, you will just have to come and play.

Your goggles are cleaned and demisted for you by us (at no extra charge) before each paintball game and you get to watch (if shot out early) most of the games up close from proper weatherproof safe zones with your paintball mask off. We are the only paintball site in the Plymouth/Southwest area, if not the UK with six proper safe zones around the site. This enables us to play 3-4 games before returning to the admin building. Saves a lot of walking back and forth.

You will be using the semi-automatic paintball gun from Tippmann, the FT12. Your paintball mask will be the VForce Armour rental paintball mask. You will also be equipped with a mesh snood (balaclava) with padding over the ears throat and forehead and comfortable clean one piece camouflage coveralls(we do like you to be able to blend into the background) belt and ammo pouches.

Minimum age for paintball is strictly 14 years of age. under 18's must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
For those looking for an alternative to paintball we offer state of the art Laser Combat outdoor gaming featuring instant hit feedback for those age 8 upwards. READY.... AIM....FUN!! We cater for children / family / school / youth groups with our 2 hour session as well as running more advanced missions for adults/teenagers on our 3.5 and 6 hour sessions. We have had several groups from The Armed Forces participate as well as several Stag / Hen parties and corporate clients. This is so much more than just a laser game.

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