UK Paintball Sports Federation

The Committee

The UKPSF committe is broken down into several sub commitees, Sites, Players, Trade, and the standard committe posts of Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman. We also have a nominated Committee President: Mr Steve Bull.



President: Steve Bull

Steve is a site operator and, the man behind the UKPSF since 1991, Steve has been nominated the UKPSF president, ensuring that his legacy is maintained, and built upon.



Chairman: Bob Schofield

Since May 2014 Bob has been the figurehead of the committee, the chairman ensures the committee meetings are conducted in accordance with the constitution. Publishing meeting minutes, and drawing up announcements and UKPSF publications.



Treasurer: Jock McCracken

Dealing with site invoicing and overseaing the UKPSF accounts. Jock has been in the paintball industry as a site operator for around 20 years, and is director of Bristol Activity Centre.



Secretary: Kayleigh Stanton

Dealing with general admin, publishing and dispersing annoucements via social media, email and the UKPSF website. Maintaining and overseeing the website, processing and sending player memberships. Kayeigh has grown up in the industry from an early age. She regularly plays tournement and woodsball paintball and has competed in the ladies GB Paintball team representing Great Britain. She has organised several sucessful paintball tournements and events and now manages Bristol Activity Centre.


Sites Sub Committee

The Sites Sub Committee deal with site membership, aquiring new sites, and managing old sites. Keeping sites up to date with recent publications, AGM's, trade shows and conferences. The Sites committe process Accrediation paperwork and arrange site visits to enable sites to become "accredited site members" If you have an queries about your site membership, membership certificate, or require any information sent such as the code of practice, then this is who to contact.


Sites Sub Committee Chairman: Don Logan

A site operator with a weath of knowledge built up over many years within the industry, Don runs Adrenaline Jungle activity centre. Don is working to promote and boost the site membership and re-invigorate the attendance of the UKPSF's yearly Conference.


Sites Sub Commitee: Ainsley Baddely

Operator of a well regarded tournement paintball venue the CPPS, Ainsley has a vast knowlage of events and expertise working with the tournement side of paintball, and is trying to help boost site and player membership numbers, so that paintball may obtain sports recognition in a hope that tournement paintball may be classed as a sport in the future.


Players Sub Committee

The players sub committee promote the benifits of UKPSF player membership, in an effort to raise enough player members to apply for "Sports Recognition" attending events to promote the UKPSF and also signing players up.


A keen paintball player, but also someone who works for a paintball venue, and paintball shop. James interacts directly with the players on a regular basis and is working to promote the benifits of player membership.


Players Sub Committee Chairman: James Gregory


Players Sub Committe: Eric Bell

Eric runs the "Paintball Scene Digital Magazine" as well as being a player, and a Ref for various tournements.


Trade Sub Committee

Currently there is not a specific trade membership scheme in place, but this is something that this committee hope to work towards reigniting, as specialists in the paintball industry they work tomards ensuring a standard is set and maintained within the industry.


Trade Sub Committee Chairman: Ledz Leadbetter

Well known and regarded in the paintball industry, Ledz has a weaLth of experience working within the paintball trade. He operates Planet Eclipse a leading UK paintball marker manufacturing company.


Trade Sub Committee: Tim Taylor

Not only a site operator at Warped but also a big event organiser, and paintball shop owner, Tim has a vast knowlage of the industry as a whole.


Trade Sub Committee: Fraser Colley

Fraser works for NPF who organise one of the largest UK events "Paintfest." Fraser has a vast knowladge of the paintball trade, from site operation, event organisation, and even running a paintball shop.