Meet the UKPSF Committee

Posted on: May 5th 2015

In May 2014 the UKPSF put a new governing body structure in place, since then the acting committee has been working hard to progress the UKPSF.

We would like to introduce the acting committee who have been working tirelessly, and taking time out of their busy schedules to attend regular meetings to discuss the development of the UKPSF. (In Alphabetical order by Surname)

AinsleyAinsley Baddeley is owner of CPPS Tournament paintball series and has been playing for about 15 years. He’s the owner/captain of the Lucky 15s paintball team who play the Millennium series. Key skills are marketing, graphical design & event organisation, and also very experienced in social media sectors. Previously a private client stockbroker for PH Pope and then Brewin Dolphin. set up the UKPSF Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube channel, I have filmed several short info clips with Steve, as well as being on “The Paintball show” to help represent the UKPSF. Acting Vice-chair, Sites sub-committee



eric-bellEric Bell started playing first in 1992 and after a brief interval away, returned to paintball in 1998 buying his first marker in 2001. He has played both scenario and tournament formats, has managed (and still coaches) tournament teams. Presently he marshals for Shoreline and some YPC events and also referees CPPS & UK Northern Masters/NPL events. He is one of the authorised photographers at Warped, Nouth v South, NPF Diamond Wars/Paintfest and Mayhem big games and The Millennium Series. Eric used to be a moderator on P8ntballers, is currently admin on the new TalkPaintball portal and up until recently produced the Online magazine “Paintball Scene”. He is an Independent consultant and webmaster to the Paintballers 4 Kids charity initiative. Acting Member, SHEQ (Standards) sub-committee




Danny Bradshaw is co-owner of Outpost Chester, where he has led the re-development of a derelict Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery base as a paintball venue. Outside paintball he was involved in agricultural industry until 20 years ago when he got into Civil Engineering, working on some of the biggest construction projects in the UK including the Millennium Dome and Channel Tunnel as well as major road projects, and then into the rail industry working on the West Coast Mainline renewal and Manchester Metro Link. He then studied for some Cisco qualifications and began providing IT support and consultancy for businesses in the Agriculture and Construction industry and is a Contracts Manager for a small (£5m p/a) construction company who mainly contract in the Agricultural sector. Acting Vice-chair, SHEQ (Standards) sub-committee



Fraser Colley has worked within the Paintball industry since 1987. He is heavily involved in product development and manufacture of equipment used in all facets of the Paintball industry, specifically the Angel, Fat Boy & A Ball brands. He oversees the evolution and development of a wide range of products and the wholesale and retail of these products and other brands through on-site and on-line outlets.
He also has a background in technical support and customer service having developed and implemented an on line warranty system to be used by service centres round the globe and produced technical manuals to accompany manufactured products. Acting Member, Trade sub-committee



James Gregory has been in the paintball industry for 25 years, starting as an EPSF trained marshal and marshalling & playing in all the old woodsball tournaments. A colleague of Jamie Pagett for 25 years, James is owner/manager/player of the UK Druids, French Druids and Banshees as well as a guest player of the Ugly Ducklings at Millennium level. Within the European Circuit he’s in contact with most Mainline teams and has sent teams all over the world to represent Celtic Paintball. Formerly UK Sales Co-ordinator for Phoenix paintball, and later European sales manager for Celtic paintball, working with distributors and manufacturers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Malaysia, Pakistan, France and Germany. More recently his efforts have been focused on boosting four Skirmish paintball and he helped create Platinum Paintball which drew in external sponsors and companies to build cross-company co-operation. Acting Chair, Players sub-committee



Antony ‘Ledz’ Leadbetter has been playing Paintball since 1986 and has been an owner of Planet Eclipse (Formally Paintball Planet) since 1991. He’s played for the Banzai Bandits, Nexus and currently plays for The Sandbaggers. He has owned and run a paintball site in the past but now concentrates his efforts on Planet Eclipse, which is primarily a Paintball marker manufacturer headquartered in Manchester, with offices in Rhode Island, USA and Taiwan. Acting Chair, Trade sub-committee





Don Logan first played paintball at Skirmish Nottingham when it was at Burntstump in 1985 some 29 years ago, coming back week after week until I was offered some marshalling work. Working there part time then full time, I have also worked freelance for some of the country’s largest paintball event’s organisers before launching Paintball Jungle in Sherwood Forest back April 1994. The Paintball Jungle soon became Adrenalin Jungle as the business soon expanded into other outdoor activities. I still play when I can but that is becoming less and less unfortunately but when I do turn out its critical there is a well-stocked beer tent as I find my paintball tales get better and better the more cider I consume!! Acting Chair, Sites sub-committee.




Jock McCracken is one of the owners of Skirmish Bristol and has been in the industry since 1989, beginning as a marshal. In 1998, Joy and Mike Stanton & Jock started their own paintball business. They run two sites in the Bristol area and have set up and sold two others over the years.
In his time, Jock has been a trainee chartered quantity surveyor, an electronics engineer, a vending machine repairman, a computer engineer, a telephone engineer, an epos engineer, a barman and a paintball marshal. He was a very keen paintballer for many years, but due to health issues, now tends to partake in a sedate round of golf. Acting Treasurer.




Tony McGinty has been involved in paintball since he was 19 and has been playing, marshalling and organising events for about 18 years. He is currently player/Captain of Ronin, playing in the Southern Masters. He also manages Campaign Paintball in Surrey, and has done so for the last four years. For the last two years he has been Partner and Event Ultimate in the Ultimate Woodsball League, and has been involved in a number of Shoreline events in the UK and abroad. Acting Member, Sites sub-committee





Craig ‘Gassy’ Pattison has been involved in paintball for 14 years. “I am purely a player and have no affiliation to any shop or site and currently play for the Mighty Scottish Warriors in the UK and Europe.” Craig has been a super moderator on talkpb and P8ntballer for many years and also helps run UKPB facebook page which ‘is now by far the biggest independent fb page in the UK’. His wife and both kids also paintball so he claims to be ‘permanently skint’. In real life he is a first response engineer for the National Gas Emergency Service. Acting Vice-Chair, Players sub-committee




A keen player for eight years, Scott Rathbone got into big games around 2010. Mainly a scenario player but also UWL. He an admin on The Safe Zone (FB) &, and one of the five regional reps for Paintballers4Kids. He’s a member of Anthrax UK factory team/Planet Eclipse supported, SPS. He’s very interested in technicalities, rules, regulations and laws surrounding paintball. Acting Chair, SHEQ (standards) sub-committee





Bob Schofield took over Harrogate Paintball Centre in January 2011 having previously run a lasertag and mini-tank business in Spain during part of his 5 year ‘retirement’ abroad. Previously he founded (and subsequently sold) a public relations business providing communications/crisis management/media handling advice and support at board level in the public and private sector. The first 14 years of his working life were as a journalist, reporting from the scene at disasters such as Lockerbie and Clapham before running anewsdesk. Acting Chair




Since Graduating, Kayleigh Stanton has been working full time for her family’s business “Skirmish Bristol” primarily managing a call centre for 6 paintball venues, also dealing with advertising, marketing, social media, design work, website work, organising scenario games and Tournaments, but has also helped manage their two activity centres most weekends, for over 15 years. Having grown up with a father who played paintball at a competitive level, Kayleigh has been attending paintball sites, events, tournaments UK and abroad for her entire life.She set up the UKPSF Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube channel, has filmed several short info clips with Steve Bull, and featured on “The Paintball show” to help represent the UKPSF. A keen player, she also plays for the all UK girls team “Ultraviolets” and was selected to represent the 2014 “Ladies Team GB” squad at Bitburg, Millenium series. Acting Sectretary




Tim Taylor started playing paintball in 1986, and has run various paintball sites, tournaments and big game events since 1987. He is the founder and Co-Director of Warped Sports in the UK, which also runs Europe’s biggest paintball festival North v South. Acting Member, Trade sub-committee




The Acting Chair of the Sports Recognition sub-committee, Lee Wickham, stood down due to time pressure of other commitments.

All the roles on the council and its sub-committees are ‘acting’ and elections will be held for all the posts at the next Annual General Meeting of the UKPSF.

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