The UKPSF is run by volunteers that offer there time and experience free of charge, those contributing are drawn from all sections of the paintball community with Sites, Players, Trade, on hand to help with the day to day running of the UKPSF.

Below are some key points of contact at the UKPSF for specific areas of Paintball but if you have an enquiry or question that you fell does not sit within one of the 3 category's below then just drop us an email form the contact form as we have of other volunteers that we can call upon to help members with paintball related questions.

Chairman: Don Logan

Since the formation of the UKPSF committee Don has been actively involved with all aspect of the UKPSF.

A site operator with a wealth of knowledge built up over 30 years within the industry

His day to day job is running The Adrenaline Jungle activity centre in Nottingham.

Don took on the role as Chairman when Bob Schofield stepped down in 2017 with his role being to ensure the committee meetings are conducted in accordance with the constitution.


The Sites Sub Committee deal with site membership, assisting new sites, and managing old sites.

Keeping sites up to date with recent publications, AGM's, trade shows and conferences.

The Sites committee process Accreditation paperwork and arrange site visits to enable sites to become "Accredited PLUS site members"

If you have an queries about your site membership, membership certificate, or require any information sent such as the code of practice, then this is who to contact.

Sites Point Of Contact: Don Logan

Don owns and runs a paintball venue in Nottingham so his day to day role brings him into contact with the recreational element of the sport so has 1st hand experience of the relationship that a venue has with the general public.


The player membership is key to the UKPSF

The UKPSF is keen to promote the benefits of playing paintball in an effort to raise enough player members to apply for "Sports Recognition" as well as establish continuity in the sport to enable more and more players to take part in professionally ran events.

Players Point Of Contact: Ainsley Baddeley

Owner and coach of the Lucky 15's and The CPPS.

Ainsley interacts directly with the players on a regular basis and is working to promote the benefits of the player membership.


We have an active number of trade members within the UKPSF, who we liaise with to ensure that "best practices" are maintained within the UK Paintball industry.

UKPSF Trade members often put UKPSF player membership schemes and discounts into place, to help support the UK Paintball sport Federation.

In return we hope site and player members support the trade membership when considering a new purchase.

Trade Point Of Contact: 'Ledz' Leadbetter

Well known and regarded in the paintball industry, Ledz has a weaLth of experience working within the paintball trade. He operates Planet Eclipse a leading UK paintball marker manufacturing company.

Press Officer

The UKPSF is often called upon for comment or contacted by organisations asking the Paintball industry to be involved in UK wide promotions.

To ensure there is continuity in how the UKPSF communicates with the media etc the position of Press Officer was formed.

Press Enquiry's Point Of Contact: Kayleigh Stanton

Kayleigh's experience as both player and a site operator means she has the experience from both sides of the sport making her the ideal point of contact for equerry's from outside the industry.


Life Time President: Steve Bull

Putting it bluntly Steve Bull is the reason the UKPSF is still around

For many years Steve ran UKPSF singlehandedly after its inception back in 1991.

His wealth of knowledge about all things paintball as a site operator, event organisation, paintball shop owner as well as being the point of contact for the government, police and councils for all things paintball formed the bedrock of the UKPSF for many years.

When Steve decided it was time for him pass this responsibility he was made an honouree Lifetime president of the UKPSF, ensuring that his legacy is maintained, and built upon.