Annual General meeting 2015

Posted on: February 5th 2015

By: Bob Schofield

Notice is hereby given in according with the (draft) constitution of the above Federation that its Annual General Meeting will be held at 10am on Wednesday March 18, 2015 at the Mercure Hotel, Penkridge.

All members in good standing (that is, with valid current memberships) shall be entitled to attend the AGM and to vote on such matters as are to be determined by a vote of the membership.

Notice is also hereby given of a CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for the posts to be subject to election at the AGM.

The officer posts are:

The sub-committee chair posts, representing various aspects of paintball, are:

SHEQ (quality & standards)
Sport Recognition
Any member in good standing may be nominated for any of the above posts subject to:

1) the nominated member being willing to stand;

2) the nominated member being proposed and seconded by members in good standing;

3) the post for which the nominated member is to be considered being stated;

4) the nominated member providing a statement* in support of their nomination;

5) the Acting Chair receiving the nomination by email to by 10 am on Tuesday 24 February 2015.

A list of such valid nominations (including members currently in acting roles who will automatically be considered nominees, without requirement for a proposer and seconder, unless they indicate a wish to stand down), together with their proposer, seconder and statement in support, shall be published by Wednesday 25 February on the Federation’s web-site and Facebook page.

Members unable to attend the AGM may cast their votes electronically by emailing their preferences to not later than 12 noon on Tuesday 3 March 2015.

*The purpose of the statement in support of a nomination is to assist those unable to attend the AGM and who are casting a vote by email.

Business & Resolutions at this Annual General Meeting of the UKPSF

The business to be conducted at the AGM to be held at 10am on Wednesday 18 March 2015 shall include:

1) Address by the President or Chair

2) Report on the general conditions and activities of the UKPSF.

3) Presentation of Audited Accounts

4) Resolutions to formally adopt

a) the Constitution of the UKPSF;
b) the Code of Practice for Site Operators;
c) the Players Code of Conduct;
d) to endorse the actions of the Council during its acting period (April 2014 to the date of the AGM)
4) Election of members of the Council of the UKPSF & any honorary members (if any)

5) Appointment of the Auditor for the ensuing year

6) Any other resolutions of the Council*

7) Any resolutions sent to by 12 Noon on Tuesday 24 February 2015 that are proposed and seconded by members in good-standing, as provided in the constitution.*

*Such resolutions to be included in the notice of nominees for council posts.

No business shall be conducted in the AGM other than that described above.

Open forum

It is the intention of the acting Council (and subject to the approval of the Council formally elected on 18 March 2015) to hold an open forum discussion after the AGM. The purpose of the open forum is to give all members an opportunity to raise such matters as are of interest/concern to them and thereby inform the work of the Council during 2015/16.

Bob Schofield

Acting Chair


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